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Traverse Rod with Pole Pocket Drapes - Help!

I recently purchased a traverse curtain rod and pole pocket drapes. Knowing that Traverse Rods are typically used with pleated curtains, how can I hang my pole pocket drapes? They do have the sewn in fabric where I can attach drapery pins but, when I tried this, the curtains don't cover the top of the traverse rod.
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Posted 2015-02-05T02:58:38+0000  by tsiegler tsiegler
Hello tsiegler and welcome to the Community.

Pleated drapes that are made to be hung on a traverse curtain rod have stiffeners built in that allow the curtains to stand ridged 3" to 4" above the hooks and cover the rod.  Pole pocket curtains have to be pliable enough to slide and bunch or pleat themselves as you  put them into the open position.  As a result, in most cases they are not made to be mixed purposed.  If I knew the model # of the curtains you purchased I could be more specific.  Did you already own the traverse rod before and just wanted to change the curtains or could you return the rods and buy a rod set that is meant for pole pocket draperies?  

If I did not address your issue, please send an email to me with more details.

Thanks for your inquiry.

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Posted 2015-02-05T18:56:46+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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