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Travtine tile

How do I drill into travtine 
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Posted 2016-04-07T01:37:39+0000  by Toms Toms
How to drill into travtine tile
Posted 2016-04-07T01:39:26+0000  by Toms
Travertine is very soft so almost any drill bit would work although using an ordinary twist drill bit would probably ruin the bit but it would probably work for one hole.  I would use a carbide tipped bit of the appropriate size with any electric or battery operated drill.  Do not use an hammer drill (or turn off the hammer function).  Carbide tipped bits (for masonry):

Posted 2016-04-07T01:42:15+0000  by Adam444
Hi Toms,

When I think of drilling stone, I immediately move toward a specialty tool ... particularly when drilling a soft stone like Travertine.

This Diamond Core Drill Bit is specifically made to drill all kinds of stone and is available in larger sizes for faucet or soap dispenser holes in granite counter tops.

The key to using this tool is allowing the drill bit to cut without putting too much downward force on the drill.

In many stone applications, water is used to lubricate the contact point.

This "Dry" bit does not require a wet contact point and can drill a hole up to three-inches deep.

It can be used with many common power tools, but does not include the shank used to attach to your tool.

When working with special materials, think of specialty tools designed to make quick work of your project.

Hope this helps,

Pat InPaint

Posted 2016-04-07T13:36:41+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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