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Tree Ring Project


This spring, consider putting a tree ring in at your home. When you are installing a tree ring there are a few steps to take along the way to ensure that your tree ring looks perfect.  This will be a helpful guide to doing it yourself.

List of materials

  1.       Shovel                                                
  2.       Tamper
  3.       Lime stone screening
  4.       Bricks
  5.       Top soil
  6.       String and marking paint
  7.       Shade tolerant plants/ Mulch


You can download the PDF version of this project here.  Project Guide



Prep work


The first step in achieving a proper tree ring is to measure the distance you want to fill in around your tree.  You can do this by taking a loose piece of string and tying it around the bottom portion of the trunk.  You will want to go 3-6 ft away from the tree.  Make sure the string is loose so you can circle the tree with your marking paint in order to achieve a perfect circle.


After you have your area marked off, you will need your shovel to start removing either dirt or grass.  When you go to line the bricks up make sure you check the distance between the back of the block and the tree for proper distance before you start digging.  You will want to dig 3-4in down into the ground. Once you get your outer perimeter dug out make sure to keep the edges of the grass line nice and straight for a better look!!


Before you put your blocks into the area you dug out, you will need to apply some leveling sand to help keep the bricks flat.  Lime stone screening will work just as well since it’s for leveling purposes.  You will want to pour about half an inch of sand down and tamper it down.  The tamper will help give the area the flatness it needs.


Laying the blocks


When you’re ready to start the foundation you may need a rubber mallet to help put the final bricks in place.  Working from left to right is the easiest way to install these.  Once you get the first row down, take a level and lay it across the base level of bricks to ensure they are level.  You may have to re-tamp the area until its level.

When you go to start stacking your next couple layers make sure to stagger the bricks to give it more detail to blocks.  Try to avoid having all the seams line up vertical. The back of the stones will keep them in align and from falling off the back end.



Plant and Fill


Once you have all your blocks in place it’s time to fill the big empty space around your tree.  Mixing a combination of top soil and premium garden soils is the best way to go if you want to plant flowers under the tree.  Depending on how much sun the bottom of the tree gets will determine what types of plants you can use.  If you just want to fill it in and cover it with mulch that works as well.  Just fill the inside with topsoil and cover with at least 2in of your favorite mulch!!



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Posted 2012-02-21T21:41:48+0000  by FlyingHDsod FlyingHDsod

i  have a builtiful pine tree  it 50 ft high i dont want cut down  the re 3 roots on ga ump of the root is on top ground itinking of having that part of root she=aved of top but i worried it may kill it or make it to fall also could tre:smileyhappy:e ring protect it can you help me

Posted 2012-04-18T12:58:56+0000  by crazyjoan
Umm.. Obviously not as well trained as one thought.. sorry guy.. but you may need to request that you be trained over again...
Posted 2012-05-01T21:48:26+0000  by hrmrhiannon01
We put a ring like this around one of our trees about 8 years ago. We also planted hostas and asiatic lillies around the tree. All are healthy and growing great. The only thing we have to do each year, is add fresh mulch.
Posted 2012-05-13T04:10:00+0000  by yan
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