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Tree removal vs. regularly flushing root killer

Hi All,

I have a huge Maple tree in my front yard.  2.5-3 feet diameter at breast height.  It is clearly many years older than my 46 year old house.  1.5 years ago, we had to replace part of our sewer line due to the tree's roots invading the pipe.  It was advanced enough that the roots could not be cut out.  Definitely that tree due to its placement, plus there are no other trees in the front yard.

Seeking advice: Remove this beautiful old tree for fear that this will play out again in the years to come?  Or try to destroy any roots that invade the new pipe by flushing a foaming root killer down the toilet every 6-12 months, forever?  Reviews for the root flush stuff are overall great, across websites, yet I am skeptical

A neighbor had said that the owner before the prior owner had the same problem, but it was more than 10 years ago.  And the owner replaced the pipe himself (consistent with the plumber's description of the damaged area).  My village has a deal this month with a tree trimming & removal contractor, and looks like I'd be able to remove the tree for about $1100.  Much less than similar removals I've heard of.      
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Posted 2016-04-04T19:07:30+0000  by krysiaru krysiaru
Hi krysiaru,

Admittedly, I am a tree lover. What you do with your tree is your business, but I'd like to point out that $1,100.00 will buy 84 containers of Root Kill, and with the prescribed annual applications, will control the root growth in your septic field for the enjoyment of the next generation.


Posted 2016-04-05T12:44:58+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
Hi Travis,
My concern was whether I could reasonably expect the flushable root kill product to control roots from a tree of that large size, so close to the sewer, if I used it twice a year.  If so, I certainly would rather do that twice a year, every year, than remove the beautiful tree.  

It sounds like I can trust that type of product for the situation at hand.  I spent thousands of dollars to have the pipe replaced, and I cannot afford another situation like that.

Posted 2016-04-06T17:38:24+0000  by krysiaru
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