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Tree/Bush Suggestions


I'm looking for a smallish (mature max height 5-6', diameter 30") tree (or shrub) to plant near the front door of a house.  Zone 6a, shaded northern exposure that doesn't get very much direct sunlight.  Preferably something with some visual interest but not necessarily flowering because of insects near an entryway.

Right now there's one of those dwarf spruce's that's just about dead.  It's sibling is across the walk but it's kind of boring...

Any thoughts?

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Posted 2015-12-24T10:33:56+0000  by Adam444 Adam444
Greetings Adam and Merry Christmas

 I would like to suggest a couple of azaleas to the planting site in question, or how about Japanese Hollies?

Both of the shrubs are broad leaf evergreens and will survive in a shady area. The azaleas flower in early, spring so I do not think that the bug population will bother you because it will be to cool to linger outside.

Japanese Holly is  one of my favorite is simple and lovely, the leaves are a bit con curved so they reflect light well and shine in a shaded area.

Both shrubs will have to be mainatined on the diameter size, but nothing crazy they are easy to trim, if need be.

Ingar will be back soon and we will see what he recommends    Maureen.

Posted 2015-12-24T15:56:49+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
Howdy Adam,

Since your zone is 6a, I would suggest something hardy and with a bit of texture like;

 "Heavenly Bamboo" (Nandina domestica). Although not really a bamboo it has a interesting texture and looks manicured without help. With a bit of trimming once a year it can prove to be nearly indestructible and leaf color change gives it a welcome look to most homes.

Posted 2015-12-24T18:27:05+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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