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Trending Direction in Home Decor:Arrows

Add a bit of whimsy to your décor with these easy to build arrows!

The month of February brings the iconic hearts for celebrating St. Valentine’s Day, add a sense of direction to the holiday with a few of Cupids Arrows! With a few simple tools, some wood glue, and a little paint you can create these arrows.


One piece of 8X3X1primed white finger jointed pine

Elmer’s wood glue

Sample size white paint

Accent paint if desired


Miter Saw and Box



Tape measure

Sanding Sponge



I made a small, medium and a large arrow, you can create any sizes that you want once you get the design concept down. The arrows are a bit rustic and I cut every piece by hand so the angles are not exact, but the overall idea makes a nice statement. I did some of my cuts right at the Home Depot’s self-service cutting station.

The self-serve cutting station is located in the lumber department of your local Home Depot. The station is equipped with handsaws and affixed with measuring sources, there is usually a loose tape measure at the station, bring your own pencil to make marks and measures for cuts on the wood.

Step 1 Cuts: My arrow shafts measure 18, 14, and 11 inches; I made those cuts at the store. I also cut a few angle cuts there as well, but I brought the rest home and cut the remaining pieces (the feathers) using a miter box and saw. With a pencil I marked the angled arrow points, using the feather angles as a guide and then cut those pieces.

Step 2 Sand: Once every piece has been cut, sand the edges.

Step 3 Glue: First assemble the arrow tips with Elmer’s wood glue, squeeze the pieces together as tight as possible and hold for 90 seconds. Wipe off the excess glue, then allow to dry thoroughly, that is important for next step. Brush glue on the edges of feather press in place, once again drying time is essential.

Step 4 Paint: Choose a color that will contrast against the wall, I painted my arrows with Behr Swiss Coffee, this the same color that I used on the “Winter White” mirror project, and it is my favorite warm white. Have a sample size paint mixed at your local Home Depot, you options are limitless! Paint the arrows and allow to dry thoroughly, you may need to sand lightly and paint another coat, if you choose add and accent color! Once again, let the arrows dry, dry, dry!

Step 5 Hang: Attach the hanging brackets to the back of the arrows, you can also drill out a hole and suspend the arrows with a string or rope, you decide.

Follow your heart! Place the arrows in the direction that will guide you to the place you enjoy being, and love to go too….your home!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!



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Posted 2018-02-01T19:56:01+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS