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Trending In The Aisle: Folding Shelf Brackets

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Walking the aisles of my Home Depot I am constantly finding new and great products, they may not be new items in the world per say, but new inventory to the shelves of The Home Depot.

Some items just hit me like…bammmm!  That is a fantastic item with endless possibilities! My newest find is a collapsible, folding hinges, like I stated “not new to world”, but new and exciting in our aisles.

I immediately thought of the uses for these hinges in the small confines of apartment living in Boston; and the multi-tasking they could perform in studies and workshop where space is at a premium.

Folding tables have been around ever since furniture began the ability to re-purpose space with a utilitarian concept and Yankee ingenuity created many styles of folding pieces of furniture for the sake of saving space.

I saw the hinges in a customer’s carriage and I had to ask him what he was going to do with them. “I am going to make a small drop down table for my workshop”,  he said, “I don’t have a lot of floor space, coming off the wall for additional work space and then being able folding them right out of the way makes sense, they are inexpensive and hold a lot of weight”! He was pretty excited about finding the hinges.

These 16 in. hinged brackets, mounted in pairs, will hold up to 880 lbs,  and then drop down and tuck right up against a wall....perfect for the office, workshop, playroom or even a bar ledge on a porch or patio...endless space opportunities!

The "Murphy Bed" is making a come back, utilizing every inch of  space is a wise, the double duty  use of space is brilliant....two uses is better than one!


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Posted 2018-02-13T18:09:03+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS