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Trending In The Aisle: Garden Tools

Customers came streaming into the West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot, over the weekend escaping the slushy, snowy mix, and dark skies of the winter weather outside.

Being greeted by orchids, tropical house plants, seed packets, peat pots, and all the spring planting bulbs made customers spirits lift; the presentation of the gorgeous plants helped them forget for an instant that they came to the store seeking ice melt, snow shovels and floor mats.

Spring fever was evident throughout all the aisles of Home Depot, I found customers sitting on the patio furniture, checking out the new grills…...dreaming of the warmer months ahead.

I was very excited to see the new Spring set of Ames garden tools! The long handled tools have a fresh green comfort grip, if it is possible for tools to look happy this seasons tools really do!

I encountered many customers checking out the new display of garden tools, and yes I have to say there was a bit of excitement over the refreshed appearance of the tools. One lovely lady was almost giddy about the bulb auger and the possibility of using her husband’s drill to help plant fall tulip bulbs, “I am going to get this now” she said. The spiral tines of the Stand-Up-Weeder initiated a few questions as well. Customers were just picking up the garden tools and feeling the weight, pausing for a second….. almost as if they were in the garden, a total escape from the reality of outdoor weather conditions.

My favorite new long handled tool is the Ames, Edger. And if tools can be beautiful, this one totally is! The 3.4-pound edger has a serrated edge to go through the thickest turf, it has forged foot pads for even cut control, the 31.5-inch-long, sleek, hardwood handle is topped off with perky, green, comfort grips, on a 14 inch spread, “T” handle….so perfectly beautiful! A clean cut garden edge sets the tone for all it contains, this Ames Edger is the best tool for cutting an exact, precise garden bed.

All Ames tools are protected by a 15 year limited warranty, these are the tools you want lining the walls of your tool shed, basement, and garage.  They are the sturdy, reliable, tools that helped build America, and are passed down through generations.

Stop by your local, Home Depot feel the glory of the approaching Spring season! Check out all the new sets of patio furniture that are in-store, see the infinite selection on-line as well. Walk the garden tool aisle….it is inspiring, and so beautiful, it brings the reality of the Spring that much closer.

Click this link and read a bit about the importance of the Ames company in Early American history.



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Posted 2017-02-21T16:48:37+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS