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I have just entered a new word into my vocabulary: Biophilia.

Biophilia is the innate tendency to seek a connection with nature; that is a new word for me, but it is a feeling that I have had my entire life, what a revelation to find out that there is term for it.

If I could only go back and tell my 4th grade teacher that, I was a Biofiliac, not a daydreamer when she move my seat as a far as from the window as she could. I really just had a need to be outside, or as close to the outside as I could be. I always wanted to clap the erasers (yup, I am that old), take out the trash, and water the plants; Biophilism is in my DNA, and I am proud of it!

Last weekend at the West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot, I worked on the inside of the store with the tropical plants, the weather outside still carried the breath of winter (it was  very cold), customers were seeking a little bit of spring in their life they all turned to the tropical house plants, the indoor plant section exploded!

Customers were so happy to see the living color; carriages were filled with happy, colorful plants. I answered all sorts of questions about light, watering, feeding, longevity, and made suggestions and recommendations for the perfect plant for their household conditions.

“I need a few new plants” one sweet customer told me, not I want plants, “I need plants”, another customer said, “my apartment needs some plants, I can feel it”. I was among a crowd of Biofiliacs… and I was at home!

Helping customers choose the right plant, and talking to them about the need for plants in their life is one of the highlights of my job. Plants bring harmony to indoor spaces, coexisting with plants brings joy to so many people; studies have found that introducing plants into work-spaces boosts productivity…Win,win!

Stop by your local Home Depot, walk through the indoor plant section and see how you feel; I bet that you will find something that you “need” to touch, “need” to pick-up, or “need” to smell and read about, who knows there might be a Biophiliac nearby that would like to talk about a plant they need, or want to recommend J! Breathe deep while you are there, plants take impurities from their environment and exude fresh, cleaner air!

The Home Depot has everything to maintain the health and harmony of indoor and outdoor plants, take it from a Biophiliac, Home Depot has everything you need.


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Posted 2018-04-12T16:11:03+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS