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Trending In The Aisles: BBQ Pizza Grill




Check out what’s trending in the BBQ aisle:


New this season is the PizzaQue. This fantastic grill is the fast and easy way to entertain your friends and family with pizza in a fresh, and economical way!


The PizzaQue is a portable pizza oven that uses propane. The PizzaQue heats up in 15 minutes and cooks a pizza pie in 6 minutes.

Just image all the places you can use the PizzaQue, like tailgating, camping, picnic’s or in your own backyard. The PizzaQue is totally portable so it fits nicely in the trunk of your car or back of your truck. You can make great pizza in a short time, ideal for sleep overs, or team sports when you need to feed a hungry crowd quickly!




PizzaQue heats up to 700-800 hundred degrees, the heat reflects inside the oven for fast cooking.  You can finish one pie and start another right away.



The PizzaQue is made of light weight steel construction, has two interlocking pizza stones for even cooking, enamel coated perforated reflector that allows moisture to escape, an easy turn ignition dial, stabilized legs and a built in thermometer that tells you when you’re ready to cook. The Pizzaque can run on either a 1 LB or 20 LB propane tank.

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So let’s make a pizza, heat up the PizzaQue oven, put some flour on your work area and roll out your dough and add toppings. Now put a little flour on your pizza peel so the dough won’t stick, slide the peel under the pizza and slide it into the oven. When you get to the half way cooking time, slide your pizza peel into the oven, bring the pizza out and turn 180 degrees and slide right back in the oven for the balance of cooking time. When cooking is done, take pizza out of the oven savior the sight, sound and smell of a beautiful and tasty pie, slice it up and pass out. Now that you have made one for your friends or family, now make one for yourself.


Customers are finding their way to this new grilling trend.I think you will see more people making pizza with something as easy to use as the PizzaQue.


Don’t forget to check out all the other tools and pizza making accessories you can get for your PizzaQue on Home


Stop by your local Home Depot, check out the PizzaQue,shop Home for the incredible line of outdoor pizza ovens available on-line!!

Happy Grilling,   



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