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Trending In The Aisles: Thompson's Timber Oil

What's Oil Is New Again!

Deck season would be year-round if my friends at Thompson's WaterSeal had their way.

Their newest entry into the deck coating market, Timber Oil, actually re-establishes Thompson's in semi-transparent exterior oil deck sealers.

According to Thompson's, "The deep penetrating oils protect the wood from water damage, while the coating resists mildew and UV (ultraviolet) damage."

Available currently in five nature-inspired colors, Timber Oil is a penetrating semi-transparent wood sealer that is suitable for hardwoods as well as pressure treated pine.

In addition, Timber Oil is the perfect coating for exotic wood decks ... the coating enhances wood grain without covering the natural beauty of exotics.

Like many of Thompson's products, Timber Oil can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed.

One coat is recommended and a gallon covers between 150- and 350-square feet.

This product, exclusive for treating wood, is "Exterior Only" and is not intended for application indoors.

Ensure Proper Penetration:

1) Do not apply during day-part when deck is exposed to direct sunlight;
2) Temperatures between fifty- and ninety-degrees Fahrenheit are ideal;
3) Completely remove any paints or other substrates;
4) Use a deck wash designed to kill mildew, then thoroughly rinse;
5) Allow surface to dry approximately 48-hours;
6) Do not thin or mix other sealers with Timber Oil;
7) Apply one coat at a rate that will be completely absorbed into the wood; and
8) Remove puddles or excess from the surface with a lint-free rag before Timber Oil dries.

Applicators should be cleaned immediately with mineral spirits.

Timber Oil dries to the touch in eight-hours.

Allow twenty-four hours before re-positioning deck furniture and grill.

Most markets will have three colors on the shelf at The Paint Pit.

Colors available at stores are selected by regional preference with the other colors available online.
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