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Trending In The Aisles: Top Load Washers With Activewash



Samsung is one the world’s leading consumer product manufacturers’, from smart phones to televisions to appliances, Samsung is always introducing new features and innovations.

Their newest laundry creation is the High Efficiency Top Load Washer with Activewash.

Activewash is a built in sink for prewashing your clothes.  To use the activewash sink, just open the washer lid and place the item you want to prewash in the sink.



Press the water jet button on the front of the washer to fill the sink, hand wash or pretreat your laundry item and then just raise the activewash sink, the water and the prewashed item fall right in to the washer through the opening in the rear of the activewash sink.


Close the lid and start the washer as usual.



Activewash eliminates the need to soak clothing in your laundry sink with the resulting water on you and the floor as you transfer items from the sink to the washer. And the activewash sink has a built in scrubbing board.



There are two Activewash models, the 4.8 cubic foot model WA48J7700AW and the 5.2 cubic foot WA52J8700AP, see them at your local Home Depot or just type in Activewash on Home for more information.




Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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