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Trending In the Aisles: Solar Power


With the constant increase in utility rates more and more Americans are looking at Solar Panels to supplement their utility power source.


Solar has been around for a while and with recent advances in panel technology it has become a viable alternative to utility supplied power. Your local utility, may offer financial assistance installing solar and incentives are available. Your utility can also recommend contractors that have experience installing solar power.


If you decide to go with solar consider the following:


1. Size


Size of the system, have a site analysis performed to determine if solar will work on your property.


2. Contractor


Carefully select a contractor based on his or her experience, ask for and contact the references they supply and look at jobs they have previously completed in your area.


3. Expense


Consider how you’re going to finance the installation, a lot of solar companies offer no money down installation, which is basically a lease on the equipment with monthly payments to the solar company. You may also purchase the system using a second mortgage or home improvement loan.


The advantage of buying the system is the monthly payment will usually be fixed and less than a lease agreement. In addition when the system is paid for you will own the system outright and have free power.


A third option is the PACE program, many cities offer this program which allows your to purchase the system with a loan from the city which is paid back through an increase in your property tax.


If you would like more information visit your local Home Depot and talk to a representative from our partner Solar City, or you may also read a more in depth article on solar power, just search “Should You Add Solar Power to Your Home?” right here on the community web site.



Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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