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Trending In the Aisles: Vintage Edison Light Bulbs

When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb at the turn of the 20th century they looked a bit different than they do today. The tungsten filament, the wire inside the bulb in which the electric current is passed, was wider and more apparent than the ones you typically see today. Fast forward to the 21st century, Vintage Edison Bulbs have made a big comeback as a trendy and stylish way to add a rustic or vintage look to a room.


The soft glowing filaments of Edison Bulbs emit a warm glow rather than a bright light, therefore these antique-looking bulbs are often displayed bare or used in a lamp or fixture that leaves them mostly exposed.  

Vintage bulbs became popular years ago in theme restaurants where a darker, more intimate atmosphere was desired. The filament glow also complemented the color of food served, in stark contrast to the harsher colors of CFL bulbs. In time, interior designers started to use these vintage style bulbs in homes.

At my store in Chicago, we have customers come in with the intention of installing Edison Bulbs in their lofts to achieve an industrial vibe.  The look is also quite popular with folks who are restoring older homes.

There are also many industrial style lighting fixtures available online and in Home Depot stores. The style of your fixture can help you achieve the look you’re going for - whether it's steampunk, vintage, or an industrial design.


In Chicago, we also have DIY customers using Edison Bulbs for craft lamp projects. Edison bulbs are popularly used to highlight Steampunk themed décor - a style that uses a subtle color palate, metals, and darker finishes. The DIY Robot Lamp below (left) was built by a follow associate and a great example of the steampunk style. He used a mosaic bulb, but an Edison style bulb can be used to complete an antique look. Incorporating Edison Blubs into shadeless lamps instantly adds an interesting focal point to a room.

User-added image



Much newer on the scene are the vintage style light bulbs that use LED technology instead of tungsten incandescent.  These bulbs mimic the same shapes, style and color temperature as the original vintage bulbs, but add one huge advantage.  In addition to being dimmable, they use typically 93% less energy to create the same light output as their predecessors. 





Shop Vintage Edison Light Bulbs

There are many options for Vintage Edison Bulbs, as they vary in shape and are available as LED as well as traditional incandescent. Below you'll find a few commonly sold in your local store and online.


The Feit Electric Original Vintage Style 60-Watt Incandescent Vintage Style Light Bulb is the most thought of option when it comes to Edison-style light bulbs. It has an LED equivalent version, in a 40 and 60 version as well.





This Global Electric CA10 Vintage Edison Light Bulb is a candelabra base version, which is perfect for chandeliers and fixtures. Check your local store for its availability in Feit Electric and Ecosmart versions.





There are also other interesting shapes available online. A good example of this is the Global Electric T10 Radio Tube Style shown below.




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