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Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick-off to summer and outdoor living in Boston and the Northeast.

The 2015 Memorial Day weekend was like no other that I can remember at the West Roxbury, Home Depot.

Each morning there were customers waiting at the front door for the store to open; some early bird customers perused the flower and vegetable racks, before the store was even open, while the plants were getting their early morning watering.

A few savvy customers had already made selections of fresh flowers and herbs, loaded their carts right up when the doors opened, and then went straight to the registers, making the most of every holiday weekend moment.

Customer are equipping their yards, and sheds ,with everything from patio furniture, grills, fire pits and lights, to a new lawn mower, shovel and pruners. They are getting everything they need to enhance and enjoy every single second of the upcoming summer season….and this was the weekend to get it all started.

The paint desk was busy with all the customers doing exterior painting after the harsh winter’s toll, “everything needs sprucing up” one customer told me “it was a long, hard winter, I will be out to get flowers once all my painting projects are complete”.

I ran into a customer in the flooring department that I just helped pick out flowers for window boxes, she was looking for a new door mat, because her old one was done in by the excessive scuffing, stomping and scrapping the winter weather had caused.

This customer just came in for a deck storage box to save all of her outdoor belonging from next winter’s destruction. She said she has been planning on creating a Zen garden of just green and white plants, after taking a walk through the amazing selection of plants the Home Depot has she decided to start the Zen garden that very day!

There were so many wonderful customers all weekend long, this young couple chose a beautiful new variety of Bleeding Heart called “Valentine” for their shade garden… look at this happy couple told me this was the perfect plant for them!

My favorite customer of the entire weekend was a lovely lady, (who was at the door on Saturday morning before we opened) she came to purchase plants for the cemetery….. Actually she came to purchase flags, she was getting the plants so that the flags would have pretty place to stand, “it is all about the flags” she said, “I wanted to get here early, before you ran out of flags”.

I asked her if I could take her picture at 7:05 on Saturday morning as she picked out her flags, she said she had just left the house, and her hair was a mess…but “sure” she said “because it is all about the flags”.

I thought about that lovely lady all day as I watched the flag inventory decline, I thought about all the customers that were stopping by to pick up plants to bring to the cemetery….I cannot even count how many times I answered the question “what is the best plant for the cemetery”?


Memorial Day weekend may be the kick-off to summer and outdoor living, but its true meaning was very evident in the aisles of the Home Depot.

Flying our colors and remembering our veterans and fallen soldiers were the topic of conversation in the aisles and at the check-out of my Home Depot, “What cemetery are you going to”? “Where did your dad serve”? “How long did you serve in Afghanistan”? …. were just a few conversations I came upon, there was a true connection among the garden customers.  

The Boston Common had a special garden this Memorial Day weekend: A Flag Garden.

37,000 flags were planted on the green of the Boston Common, one flag to represent each fallen solider from Massachusetts since the Revolutionary War.


The Boston Common was quite an impressive sight to behold with all those flags blowing in the wind.


I was very much impressed, and touched, by all the customers that shopped at the Home Depot this Memorial Day weekend with pure intent of recognizing and paying tribute to all of our veterans, and fallen soldiers.

The 4th of July is just around the corner, be ready for the celebration of our countries birthday! 

Fly our colors: Stop by your local Home Depot, check out the grand display of American flags and banners we have to offer. Long may it wave!      Maureen

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Posted 2015-05-26T17:30:39+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
Thanks Maureen, for sharing your Memorial Day experience ... both in the aisles and in your community.

The 37,000 flags respectfully displayed on Boston Common were both beautiful and respectful.

I'm certain participants in every Memorial Day ceremony felt a sense of gratitude and pride.

Along with this pride lies our responsibility to be certain that our flag is being flown respectfully and especially that our flag is retired properly when the fabric becomes tattered or worn.

Learn "How To" Retire The Flag ... Respectfully by clicking the link.

Retiring the flag will bring a special significance to any Independence Day ceremony on July 4th.
Posted 2015-06-09T22:34:43+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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