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Trending in the Aisle: Dipladenia 2017

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Back by popular demand: Dipladenia


Last year I wrote about the new flower face in town, the Dipladenia, I recommended the resilient flowering plant to everyone in my Home Depot aisles.”Just give it a try” I said

This season customers are coming in asking for it by name, or trying to remember the name, one customer referred to it as the “little sister of the madevillia”….perfect right!

The Dipladenia has many of the great traits of the Mandeville, bight, and beautiful, tropical colored flowers in gorgeous pinks, red, white and, occasionally, a yellow flowering plant will show up in a shipment. The flowers are smaller than that of their big sister, but I feel the Dipladenia blooms are much more abundant; also, the self-deadheading spent flowers are not as ugly as the withered blooms of the Mandeville. The Dipladenia foliage is, by far, much nicer than the powdery mildew prone leaves of the Mandeville vine.

Both of the tropical beauties will climb and reach for something to guide them to their glory, but the Dipladenia will also trail nicely from a window box, or drip from a hanging basket, it is just a much neater, and politer plant .

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The well-mannered, wildly flowering, plant has won the hearts of all who have planted it! The word is out….customers watched it “grow and show” in other gardens last year, tolerating the heat and drought of the summer, putting on a flower show while every other plant was wilting and showing signs of distress….this little miss preformed right into the last frost!

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Recently a customer told me "I had a Humming Bird for the very first time in her garden, it came to visit the Dipladenia"!, that is just another bonus, butterflies and humming birds love these plants too! 

Rio window box

So…if you have not planted this amazing, unassuming, magnificent flower…”Give it a try”! I will tell you right here, right now, plant Dipladenia in your sunniest location, water it at least every 2 days….and just watch it command the notoriety it is sure to win!

Dipladenia is a must have….enjoy the show,   Maureen   


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