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Trending in the Aisle: Fiddle Leaf Ficus

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Look how beautiful, and stately, the Fiddle Leaf Ficus is! This plant is the perfect accent to any décor, the large lobed leaves mimic the shape of a bass fiddle (hence the name), although the leaves themselves are large they grow in an upright, polite fashion, so even though the plant is grand in stature, the growth habit helps the plant maintain a well mannered footprint of space.


The Fiddle Leaf Ficus is showing its broad, deep green, shiny, leaves in home décor, architectural design, and trending magazines everywhere. The plant adds so much accent detail to a space…... becoming a focal point without being too distractive.


This plant is trending in the aisle right now because it has not always been readily available for house plant lovers here in the northeast.




The Fiddle Leaf Ficus stand right out in a display of tropical plants, customers are drawn to the plants distinct, lovely, leaves in the mass of small leaves and slender branching that are typical of the tropical house plants that are sold in the Northeast. The Fiddle Leaf Ficus, both the bush and standard form, fly out the door as soon as we restock, customers just love them! That is why the Fiddle Leaf Ficus earns both the "Trending in the Aisle" and the "Plant of the Week" title.



Click on this link to read about the care and maintenance of the Fiddle Leaf Ficus, be sure to check out the entire House Plant Library the reference will help you choose the right plant for your space; also read about the perfect pet friendly plants!


The Home Depot’s selection and variety of tropical house plants vary widely throughout the country; some of the house plants we stock in the northeast may grow outside in the south and on the west coast. Speak with the plant specialist in your local Home Depot to check the available varieties of “tropical house plants” in your region.


House plants not only enhance home décor, plants also work hard to help clean and purify your homes air!


This lovely customers came into the, West Roxbury, Ma Home Depot, to get a fresh quart of paint for a little "spring spruce up", not only did she choose a Fiddle Leaf Ficus bush, she also selected a few tiny house plants to spread the joy of plants around her house.


Stop by your local Home Depot and choose a plant for your home, bring one or two home today!           Maureen 

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