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Trending in the Aisle: Growing Organic

Growing Organic

Bonnie Plants, The Home Depot’s herb and vegetable partner has ushered in the Northeast growing season with a stupendous selection, of organic edibles.

The organic plants come in the easy to plant biodegradable peat pot, just as all Bonnie 4 inch plants, the variety and selection is amazing…. there is something tasty for everyone!

Tomatoes boasting the Organic tag grow in planters with cages around them, allowing them to grow and be harvested form the very pot that they are sold in; perfect for city dwellers, the plants thrive on porches, patios and front steps… pick fresh, organic, vegetables right outside your door!

Stop by your local Home Depot and check out all the freshly delivered Bonnie Organic Herbs and Vegetables; bring home a few plants, plant them up in a container with Natures Care Organic potting soil, or plant them directly in the garden amend the bed with, Natures Care Organic garden soil....just get growing!

Feed the edibles with Bonnie Plant Organic Plant Food….pick up a jug of the plant food right off the organics rack, it is just a natural choice!


Check out the variety of fresh, organic, herbs this customer has selected for the herb garden that she plants annually at her summer home, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Every year she comes to the, West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot, to choose Bonnie Plants fresh, herbs and vegetables for her planting. “I love growing, and using fresh herbs during the summer, I especially love the parsley, I use a lot of parsley in my summer cooking….it is so good”! This was her second trip, second carload of herbs and vegetables….a Cape Cod herb garden…what a lovely vision those words conjure up.


Enjoy your summer season with fresh organic herbs and vegetables; there is no reason not too! Stop by your local Home Depot we can help you plan an herb garden on any scale, a huge raised garden bed or.…even in a tiny, paint bucket!


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