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Trending in the Aisle: Plant Supports

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Now, is the time of the season when many customers come into into the Home Depot looking for plant supports. Gardeners need to stake their ever-growing vegetables or corral the perennials, or stake the roses, the Home Depot has everything needed to get your garden under control.

A customer told me “I was just away for the weekend and my tomato plant went crazy while I was gone”, she was looking for a tomato cage, and I told her it is too late for a tomato cage!

Tomato cages are to be place around the tomato when it is small so that the plant can grow up into the cylinder and use the wire hug for support, at this point in the season we need to get a bit creative to supply the plants with what they need to continue to flourish.

Double Peony Supports will wrestle an unyielding tomato into place. A single peony support will help a weighed down perennial, without being intrusive or looking a mess.

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Single plant supports will hold a heavy, flopping, flower head, or to straighten up a magnificent Delphinium that is bending due to weight of its own beauty.

Green, garden Velcro tape will help to secure a plant to a fence or any other structure that will guide it for support. A few plastic coated plant supports and green stretch tie will hold up just about any plant that needs help, and the soft plastic stretch tie will not cut into even the softest stem of a hydrangea.

If you need a serious trellis for support, we have a great selection of designs to choose from.

Take control of your plants provide them with the support they need to hold on, and keep growing and flourishing to give you the best flower show possible!

We all grow with support,


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Posted 2018-08-02T16:03:47+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS