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Trending in the Aisle: Weatherization Thermal Curtains

Textured Back Tab Thermal Curtain Panel

Temperatures in New England are dropping, we are in the true winter months the region is feeling the artic blasts; the entire country is dealing with severe winter storms and wild, whipping, winds.

Insulating homes during these seamlessly, never-ending, winter months is crucial to maintaining a desired comfort level in living spaces. There are all kinds of practices that are performed by New Englanders to create a cozy, snug, home for the long, cold, winter months:

Window film is a very popular strategy to stop winter winds from penetrating the big, old, drafty windows that still remain in so many older homes and apartments in the Boston area. Caulking, and foam self-adhesive insulating tapes are also in high demand right now.

Door Draft Stoppers: This is something I grew up with; my mother would roll up old towels and scatter rugs and lay them at the base of all the doors to the exterior and hall doors that led that way…..which made it quite a process to enter or exit the house. She was a head of her time with energy conservation. Home Depot now offer many forms of door sweeps and draft stoppers that move with the door instead of causing a fabric barricade of towels and rugs that hinder access in and out of the house.

Once more I go back in time and remember my mother’s winter window procedure, all the rest of the year the windows were dressed with curtains, but as soon as the winter months approached out came the “winter drapes”! The drapes were made of heavy weight fabric with a rubberized insulated lining, the drapes must have weighed and easy 30 lbs., each panel, we had special heavy duty curtain rods (traverse rods) with ropes and pulleys, moving parts to open and close the drapes, and drapery hooks!

The winter window process would begin with a “good window wash”, we used a Bon Ami cake cleaner, it looked like a bar of soap…with a moist cloth we would rub the cleaner onto cloth and then onto window leaving a thick white film to dry on the glass. Next step was to wipe the windows clean with newspaper (my job) the newspaper “leaves no lint” my mom would say. Last step was to hang the freshly laundered and ironed drapes with sheer curtains underneath; this process would take a greater part of a day, but I was told by a neighbor one day “your mothers windows all ways look so nice, and clean”!

I started the new year washing windows and hanging beautiful, new, thermal lined curtains at my house. I used Zep foaming glass cleaner and paper towels, the curtains have grommet holes for easy hanging. The whole time I washed and wiped the glass of my tilt in windows, I reminisced about cleaning windows with my mom, she would have loved the whole grommet concept, and tilt in windows, but I am sure she would have frowned upon paper towels and foam glass cleaner, and the bits of lint the paper towels left. I discovered the clearest thing of all that day…... my mom instilled in me the art of homemaking, and the importance and benefits of energy conservation.


Energy conservation has to be created, it is a conscious effort to save energy and money; window film, door sweeps, and thermal lined curtains are all doable measures to combat the cold. I immediately felt the benefits of the thermal lined curtains at so many levels; once I closed the curtains I didn’t even feel the slightest draft, the light was blocked and there was no longer a glare on the television screen, (something I never paid mind too until it was gone) also the outside sounds really became muffled. I also haven’t heard the furnace kick on as often since the curtains went up!

Stop by your local Home Depot and shop the beautiful selection of Sun Zero  energy saving thermal lined curtains available in store, also shop online at, and at for an extensive collection of fabrics, and curtain rods to snug up, and tuck your home in for the winter.

Make a conscious effort to save and conserve, hang thermal lined curtains they work like a warm, mother’s hug!   Maureen

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