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Trending in the Aisles: 15 Home Depot Items That Will Make Your Camping Trip Better

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Greeting outdoor lovers,


The summer is here I really enjoy the bright long days filled with nice warm breezes in the daytime and just the right temperatures at night when camping.  Whether at the lake, beach, mountains or the desert it’s just nice and relaxing to get away and enjoy yourself or with friends and family. Half the fun is having cool camping accessories or cool gadgets to use while enjoying life outdoors. Check out some of the cool stuff from Home Depot.


Once a fire is going, use the cast iron grill grate to start cooking. And use the long sleeved grill gloves and cool grill grate lifter so that you don’t get burned.



1). Camp Chef Lumberjack Over Fire Grill                                            

Now that the fire is started and the first batch of campfire food is going, take a look at some fun accessories that can be added to enhance the summertime fun…they are fun and easy!   


2.) Leather BBQ Gloves





Something we always needed..and now have. Safety first and last



3.) Charcoal Grill Grate Lifter      


A must for working around heat.


4.) Lava Eco Cast iron grill                                                           



Great for kabobs or any seafood


5.) Bayou Classic 6 Qt. Covered Soup Pot     


Stew, Beans, and Chili are a welcome addition to camping 


6.) Safety Roasting Sticks



Never drop another hot dog or marshmallow again



7.) Dual Square Cooking Iron                  


Not for just the gourmet cook anymore    


8.) Jalapeno Roaster


Made especially for corn-on-the-cob




 9.) Stuff-A-Burger Kit                                            



Make the best burger in town with this kit     

10.)  6 Smore's Maker                                   





 no campfire is complete without "smores"



 11.) Corn Holders                                         

These are a standard in eating corn for a reason              


12.) 52 Quart Cooler 12 Volt


 easy to use portable and can plug into your!

13.) Portable Pizza Oven                                                     

For pizza on the go   


14.) 5 Gallon Water Cooler





Perfect for campsite to keep hydrated



 15.)    Portable Camp Fire




Keep things safe, neat, and easy with this campfire.            


So whether you’re new at outdoor fun or a seasoned pro, the new items at Home Depot are definitely something to consider. Whether you are camping in the mountains, trailblazing by the playing in the desert, or relaxing at the beach, stopping in the store or checking out is your best bet for getting the things you need for enjoying the outdoors.



Home Depot Ken

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