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Trending in the Aisles: 3M Scotch Extreme Mounting Tape

When most people think of a durable and sturdy tape, one often thinks of duct tape. 

While that type of tape works well for a good bit of home improvement quick fixes, there are other and sometimes better ways to hold things together tape-wise.

You may or may not be aware of double-sided mounting tape. It's small, holds items together very well, and comes in more than one version.

All of the ones we sell are by Scotch 3M, but the one I'll go over today is the best of all of those.

It's the Extreme Mounting Tape version, shown in it's packaging below and linked here.

While some mounting tapes are durable for outdoor usage, this tape can be easier removed versus other types, like the foam-based versions.

And unlike other outdoor mounting counterparts, this extreme version supports the highest weight (up to 30 lbs.) if applied on a clean and level surface.

This is one of the most versatile items you can use to hang up most household items vertically without using screws or nails. Personally, I use it to hang signs up at my Home Depot store in Atlanta. You will never find me without a roll of this great tape in my apron.

Some examples of what extreme mounting tape can do are shown below. They range from holding up tools and mailboxes, to even heavy outdoor signage.

Also, if you ever decide to move or take the mounting tape off, it can be peeled off usually without issue.

However, depending on what type of surface you have will dictate if it can or can't be peeled off or with damaging the surface. 

For example, a metal or masonry based wall can have tape be taken easily off of it, but it can present issues for older or poorly painted surfaces (i.e. the paint can come off in those areas).

Always be aware of this whenever you are installing any mounting tape onto a surface. If you are unsure if it will work for you, always test a small hidden area first to ensure that no issues or damages occur.

If this tape is too strong or not for you, Home Depot as well as Scotch 3M has other varieties of mounting tape available. 

To read more about all the types that are available, please click here for more information.

Having any further tape or adhesive questions? Please let us know here so we can assist you further!


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