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Trending in the Aisles: 4 Foot LED Linear Replacement Fluorescent Bulbs

TOGGLED 48 in. T8 18.3-Watt Natural Light (5000K) Linear LED Tube Light Bulb

Throughout the year, you may have seen a lot more LED's replacing the older incandescent light bulbs at your local Home Depot store.

What you may not be aware of, is that LED technology is finally catching up to fluorescent tube lighting as well. 

We now have 4 foot and even an 8 foot fluorescent T8 and some T12 replacements available in stock in LED form!

This means you get a mercury-free, long lasting light bulb. These are perfect for fixtures that are constantly on, like in a warehouse or business. Even for residential uses, you will get a longer lasting bulb than anything a fluorescent can provide.

in fact, the Philips InstantFit 4 ft. T8 Cool White  LED linear bulb uses only 14.5 watts of energy, which saves you 55 percent in energy costs versus a 32 watt fluorescent bulb in the same lumens!

We carry various versions by Philips, Feit, and TOGGLED. Be aware that some may require you to by-pass the existing ballast by re-wiring it. Make sure to read the packaging on it to verify before purchasing.

If you are looking to update your fluorescent bulbs are just wanting to go green on a brand new lighting installation, consider using these LED linear bulbs. 

As stated earlier, we now carry an 8 foot version at your local store, linked here, which connects via 2 pieces.

Additionally, we carry other versions in other color temperatures as well online. 


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Posted 2015-07-25T19:54:43+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL
Great article Joe,

LED is becoming a recognized lighting alternative.

Since I help customers select "the perfect paint color" for their decor, I also instruct them to carefully review two features before replacing their bulbs.

1) Lumens, or the candle power (light output) of a bulb. 
Many modern bulbs save energy but may output as little as half the lumens ... effectively reducing the light output in your home; and

2) The Color Temperature of Light ... do the bulbs emit blue, yellow, or red light that will cast a color onto your walls, ultimately modifying your perception of the colors you worked hard to select.

If you're concerned about maintaining the colors in your decor design, consider purchasing lights that output closer to 6500 degrees Kelvin ... the color temperature of daylight which modifies color perception the least (click the link to the article above).

Energy saving bulbs are improving rapidly, but you don't have to compromise the appearance of your carefully selected paint and decor colors in the name of energy savings.

If bulbs that output close to 6500 degrees Kelvin are not currently available, simply wait for the manufacturers to make them available.

Energy savings is a great goal and it can easily coexist with your decor design goals if you carefully review both lumens and color temperature before selecting replacement bulbs.
Posted 2015-07-28T22:37:33+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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