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Trending in the Aisles: Bali Cordless Cellular Shade

One of the biggest trends today in energy savings is one that was typically overlooked or not even really known about.

A home's window can greatly influence the amount of heat or cold coming into it. While a window's installation and construction in and of itself acts as a buffer, so can a window treatment covering it.

And for the many options out there for covering a door or window from sunlight, going with a cordless cellular shade is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do so.

Of the 3 main types of shades that allow light to pass through, these Bali Blackout shades will give you the least to no amount of sunlight coming through (light filtering and room darkening are the others).

This makes them perfect for those who work overnights and need no light to come through their bedroom during their daytime sleeping, as a good example. Or maybe you just want absolute privacy and have it safe for children to use. With these cellular shades, you'll get that by Bali and more.

Since they are cordless, it's very simple to raise and lower them. And as stated before, they are safe since cordless blinds like these present no choke hazards for young children.

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As long as you measure your window for its exact size and know how you want to mount them (in or out of the window frame), then you can get the best fit for it.

These specific blinds can be cut to fit at your local Home Depot where they are sold, and can go for doors/windows as narrow as 16 inches in width up to 72 they fit most today.

However, you can special order similar cordless cellular or other types of shades through your local Home Depot by speaking to a blinds specialist at your local store for pricing and availability.

So for energy-efficient and durable blinds that are the easy to use and install, a sure bet is these cellular blackout shades by Bali.

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