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Trending in the Aisles: Beat the Heat with Arctic Cove

Although summer isn't officially here until June 21st, the soaring temperatures are already here! To cool down whenever you are outdoors, the good folks at Arctic Cove have the perfect products to do just that.

Your local Home Depot store as well as here online carries items by them exclusively to keep you hydrated, cool, and refreshed whenever you are outdoors for a long time in the stifling heat. 

A great start to cool off is the misting fan, shown below and linked here. This fan runs on an 18 volt lithium-ion battery, which makes it perfect for taking it to events and camping where an electrical source wouldn't be available.

In fact, this battery is also compatible with the Ryobi ONE+ cordless tool systems. This can give you even more battery options!

This fan can work flat on a surface via a garden hose, like shown above, or can be placed on top of a 5 gallon bucket to draw water from it when filled (shown below). To view a short video demonstrating the misting fan's features, please click here.

Another great item Arctic Cove sells is the multi-wrap towel. It's 10 inches by 20 inches, which makes it perfect for cooling down during a very hot day. 

Whether you wrap it around your head or wrist, the towel works great by cooling whatever surface it touches down to 30 degrees when wet! All you have to do is soak it, rinse it out, and instantly wear it. Click here for more information regarding it!

Arctic Cove also has a convenient misting bottle for when you are on the go. Instead of batteries, the bottle simply operates by pump! To read more about this great cool down item, click here!

A final item I'd like to share with you by Arctic Cove is the Polar Party Tower, shown below and linked here

The tower does more than just give off misty cold water. It also has an outdoor Bluetooth enabled speaker as well as an LED ambient light. It really is the best way to cool down a group of people day as well as night.

All of these products are found seasonally during the hot summer months at your local Home Depot store as well as online. Check them out next time you are there to see if you are in need to cool down in the hot weather!


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