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Trending in the Aisles: Defiant Indoor App Timers

What is Home Automation?

I'm sure you've seen a lot of technologically smart products to make your home fully automated at your local Home Depot store.

In keeping with that spirit, we've unrolled several cost-friendly items by Defiant that can control your lighting fixtures, whether they are plug-in or hard-wired.

Give your lighting the control you want when and how you want it using these 2 great products from the same company that makes our timers.

I'll briefly go over the two options so you can save money by getting exact control of your lighting from your fingertips on your smart device.

Defiant In-Wall Corded App Timer

Unlike other in-wall (hard-wired) timers we sell in-store, this is only one we currently carry (as of this post) that has a built-in 3.5 mm headphone jack that allows you to send signal from your smartphone to the timer.

With that convenience comes a free app included when you purchase this or the other plug-in version. Always remember timers are not dimmers, so they will just turn your lights on and off. This means any light bulb can be placed in it; be it incandescent/halogen/CFL/LED.

Control means you can have your lights on and off when you want them to at times when you aren't even home. This makes it great for when you are on vacation or are expecting someone.

If fact, it has all the same great features as our other non-smart home timers such as:

  • Up to 24 hour countdown timer
  • 7 Day programmable features
  • Dusk-to-Dawn settings

Although this needs to be installed indoors, it can power lights leading to the outside of your home. 

One thing I like about this timer is the fact that it can be wired for single pole or 3-way usage. To read more details about wiring and setting up your in-wall timer, click here for more information.

Defiant Indoor Plug-In Corded App Timer

Defiant Indoor Plug-In Corded App Timer

This is the essentially the same version as the in-wall version above, except that it's now in a plug in form.

It does have an override manual switch that allows you to have it on without the smart-enabling. And it has the same 3.5 mm jack that gives the info from your smart device to the timer as the in-wall version.

Use this for plug in lights and even small appliances you use frequently. A good example of this is to have a lamp near the door when you come in late being on without having to fumble to turn it on in the dark.

Another reason to have it is so you can control when you want a portable fan that you don't want on all day. Whatever the reason may be, you can and will save money and energy by using timers.

These two are just several of the many types of new timers sold in-store at your local Home Depot.

To view all of your options, please click here for more selections.

And as always, let us know if you have additional timer questions.


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