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Trending in the Aisles: EcoSmart 60W LED 4-Pack

Newer technology of anything means great quality, but you sometimes you pay a higher price.

This rang true with LED light bulbs for the longest time, but due to demand and improved manufacturing, the savings has never been better if you are looking to buy several bulbs at once.

Our in-house brand of lighting solutions, Ecosmart, has a great and affordable 4 pack of 60 watt equivalent LED soft white bulbs that last a long time and look like their older incandescent versions.

They look and feel well constructed

Since they only consume 9 watts but look like 60 watt equivalent in 800 lumens, they make for a long lasting replacement over other light bulb choices today.

Instead of replacing your light bulbs yearly, consider LED and Ecosmart. This 4 Pack Soft White LED light bulbs are great for almost any imaginable light fixture inside your home.

bright and warm light

And just their older incandescent counterparts, you'll not only get the same soft white look, but also the same dimming capabilities as well.

However for any LED that is dimmable, these bulbs work on some but not all dimmers, so try them out in yours before changing anything.

We sell various types of LED-rated dimmers at your local Home Depot, sometimes even beside our light bulbs. Always look for it's LED rating on the packaging.

Lastly, if you are looking for higher lumens or other color temperature (Kelvins) in your light bulbs, we also carry other 4 pack 40 and 60 watt equivalents right beside these at your local Home Depot's light bulb aisle.

Be sure to take some home today!

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Posted 2016-02-01T23:54:10+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL