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Trending in the Aisles: Fix-A-Floor Repair Adhesive

For the longest time, if you had a loose or hollow tile, it would be a long and tedious process for repair. 

It involved repairing or replacing the tile, and buying tile supplies you may never have to use again just for that one or few tiles.

That is until now.

Introducing Fix-A-Floor Tile Adhesive! It's an elastomeric based material that can flex over uneven surfaces of the subfloor underneath your tiles.

Use this product only in situations where a weak area like a hollow sound occurs. Any large or rotted areas need to be addressed by complete removal and repair.

For those small areas of loose or hollow tiles, this is very simple to use.

Simply drill, fill, re grout, and clean the area to let it work effectively. 

You will drill in the grout joints just outside the affected area using a bit smaller than the joints but with a large enough hole so that the applicator tip can go in. 

Fill in the area liberally using it in a caulk gun so that you are guaranteeing enough adhesive into the hole and under the tiles. Don't worry about too much, clean up is easy.

Next, re-grout the holes so as to allow for a seamless appearance.

Since it's water-based, only mild soap and water is needed for the cleanup. After cleaning, allow the area to dry for 24 hours so that the adhesive can set properly.

Fix-A-Floor works for just about any hard-surface tile, like ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and even wood in some instances.

As stated earlier, this won't solve any large damaged tiles or rotted areas. But it can solve the issue of one or several loose tiles.

Be sure to click on the link for it in orange above so you can see more information including a step by step how-to video on it's usage.

Let us know if you have any further questions regarding flooring repair, and we will be more than happy to assist you!


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