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A good majority of my family works in some form or fashion with tools, lumber, and just home improvement items in general. Even so, and with working at The Home Depot for a long time, it can still be a tall order when it comes to picking out the right gift.

I can easily forget that Dad wanted the heavier impact driver set he had his eye on, and not the more basic cordless lithium-ion drill.

To eliminate the guess work, I always opt for a Gift Card. And at the Home Depot, you have plenty of options to make sure you are hitting your mark with what they really want.

The beauty of getting a Gift Card from the Home Depot is that you can purchase them at your local store, or here online.

Personally, I like the fact that you can purchase them here. In fact, they can be so personalized, you can get and give them using your smart phone device!

Fellow forums expert Eileen_HD_ATL already has written a great post regarding this, please click here to view it. Having a personalized e-card just makes gift giving even more special, and well...personal! 

Below is Eileen's design from her well written post, just as an example of the many options you can do.

Max Card.jpg

For basic designs, click here to view your choices. Remember that while the holidays are the biggest times to get a Home Depot Gift Card, you can also opt for housewarmings, weddings, saying thanks, birthdays, Father's Day, or just any occasion where you'd like to give the gift of Home Depot to someone.

Sending an E-gift card is a great choice for someone far away, or even if you are just in a hurry to send one. You can even add a video with E-cards to further personalize it! Click here to view this amazing option for gift giving.

Of course, if you are just strolling the aisles of your local Home Depot store and you happen to pick up one, that will obviously save you a bit of time and money. And just like picking one out online, you can opt for how much you want on the card. 

And if you have an existing card, any cashier at your local store can scan it to view the balance on it, or you can check it here as well!

One huge benefit of the gift card station at your local Home Depot is the fact that there are gift cards for other businesses that have nothing to do with the 'orange box'! 

A really good example of this is that my store has gift cards for one of my favorite chain restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings. So while some family members may not get usage out of a Home Depot gift card per se, there are other spots that they would love to go...which in turn makes shopping even easier.

 If you receive a Home Depot gift card, let us know how you'll be spending yours! 

Happy Holidays,


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Posted 2015-12-12T18:05:31+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL