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Trending in the Aisles: Himalayan Salt Lamp

Generally speaking, lamps aren't thought of for being beneficial for your health.

However, with the Himalayan Hand Carved Natural Crystal Salt Lamp sold at your local Home Depot store you can get clean air for better breathing!

So how does it work? Simply by the combination of the light source and natural salt that makes up the lamp's design clears the air naturally by emitting negatively charged ions that goes head to head with positively charged particles (dust, dander, pollen) to clear that space for clear air.

WBM Himalayan 8.32 in. Pink Ionic Hand Carved Natural Crystal Salt Lamp

So for anyone with allergies or breathing problems where they live, consider using this as a natural alternative for breathing easier.

It's very simple to take care of your salt crystal lamp too; simply use a damp cloth to wipe any dust from it. 

Due to it's attractive design and size, you can place it where the most activity is in your living space, as shown below.

In my Living Room.

Be sure to check out this lamp the next time you are at your local Home Depot!

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Posted 2016-05-14T16:24:04+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL

I'd take any claims of air purification with, ahem, a grain of salt.

They do look pretty though...
Posted 2016-05-15T09:45:03+0000  by Adam444
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