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Trending in the Aisles: Holiday Greens

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The signs of the holiday season are being hung and strung, they are being perfectly placed in and on homes everywhere. Fences and gates, along with doors and windows are being adorned with wreaths and roping, halls are totally being deck out with fresh, festive, holiday decorations.


Shopping carts are being filled with incredible, handmade, evergreen arrangements, armfuls of twigs and berries are being carried, and Christmas trees are being hauled through the cash registers of the Home Depot.



The seasonal selection of fresh greens this year is amazing! When I look at the stuffed shelves, and full racks at my home store: the West Roxbury, Ma., Home Depot, I am overwhelmed with the vision, and the scents of the season!  All of the evergreen wreaths, roping, baskets, centerpieces and kissing balls are all pieced together and made by human hands…. It is a remarkable, astonishing feat to have all these spectacular, handmade, fresh Christmas products available, and ready for our customers. The window of time that consumers have; to select, put up and enjoy holiday decorations is short…. stop by your local Home Depot and check out all the fresh greenery items that are available today, supplies are limited.

*Click on these links to read about and watch a video of the meticulous, and time consuming process, it takes creating hand made wreaths, and beautiful kissing balls.



I had a wonderful weekend working with customers choosing “the perfect Christmas tree”, picking out the right size wreath, selecting centerpieces and boxwood trees for holiday parties, and I also help customers find something special to bring to cemetery.


One of my favorite takes from the Saturday shoppers was a father-sons trio that had a list from “mom” to pick up certain greens: a tree, 90 feet of white pine roping, and a “big” wreath. They split up when they hit the garden department, (they communicated the whole time with voices just shy of yelling) the dad headed for the trees, the older son hunted for the wreath and the little brother gathered spools of white pine roping…which he promptly wore on his arms like evergreen bracelets. When the dad summoned the boys to come check out the tree that he found, they both came right away, the younger one wearing skeins of white pine and the older one emerged, struggling with a 48-inch wreath!!! When the father saw him he said “that wreath is as big as the tree” …. “well mum said get a big wreath” he proclaimed….and then the little brother walked right through the center of the wreath, all of them laughing! They were on a mission from home and they were getting it done!!!

While I was out front helping a customer pick out a cemetery basket, I saw the boys and their dad making their way through the parking lot with all their greens. I ran after them and asked if a photo was okay, the dad agreed…. the older son was holding up the tree and the wreath while the dad unlocked the SUV, I said “that is some wreath”, “It was the biggest one I could find” the proud shopper said…. “I cannot wait to see his mother’s face” the dad said with a smile and a wink!


We have beautiful greens, and we are just waiting to help you select the perfect tree…stop by your local Home Depot today!


Wishing a season full of smiles and winks to All, Maureen



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