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Trending in the Aisles: Humidifiers


I have notice a lot of activity at the Humidifier display at my Home Depot. The winter has ushered in cold temperatures which transfers to the pumping of heat to our offices, work place, cars and living spaces. Warm, dry air is such a relief when coming in from the cold winter weather, adding humidity to the inside air plays an important part in the quality of your comfort level.


The dry interior air of the winter contributes to chapped lips, cracked and dry hands, itchy skin, dry eyes, and sore throats to name a few.


A 2013 study by Dr. Frank Lipman, provides 10 benefits to adding humidifiers to living and working environments:


1.    Virus and bacteria germs do not survive or carry well in moist air, humidifiers keep down the spread of germs.


2.    Skin will keep softer and subtler in moist air, also be less likely to crack and show signs of ageing


3.    Sinus passages benefit and stay open with humid air, humidifiers are a must if anyone in the house is troubled by a dry bloody nose


4.    Moist humid air will help and speed the recovery process if you should happen to come down with a cold, virus, or the flu.


5.    Humid moist air helps house plants flourish during winter months, and of course house plants have their own list of benefits for air quality in households and work places!


6.    Humidifiers aid and protects wood furniture and wooden instruments from the expansion and contraction of warm to cold air.


7.    Dry night air will bring on “morning voice” or “frog throat” and dry, sore, sandy eyes; adding a room size humidifier to a bedroom will help to eliminate all of these symptoms.


8.    Moist air stays warmer longer and will reduce the cost of heating your home.


9.    Static electric shock and fly away hair are indications of dry air; adding a humidifier will reduce the conduction of static electricity, and tame your mane.


10. Sleeping with a humidifier will reduce and may even stop snoring, for a more restful night for all!


The Home Depot offers numerous whole house Humidifiers, large capacity floor models, and table top room humidifiers there is definitely one for every size need. Shop on-line or stop by your local Home Depot for a great selection.


Follow this link for choosing the proper humidifier for your needs.


Follow the manufactures specifications for room sizes, and suggestion for a cool, or warm mist unit; also monitor the filter replacements timetable for the best, healthful, beneficial results! 



Take away some germs, help your plants, protect your skin, and sleep better.... add a humidifier to your life and appreciate the benefits! 

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Posted 2017-01-10T16:12:38+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS