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Trending in the Aisles: Husky Garage Cabinet Storage Solutions

If you live in a home and it has a garage, you're gonna need storage. Whether it's for your own tools, the Christmas decorations, or just extra places to pack your stuff, having storage solutions there helps organize and gives your things a home. Our in-house brand of garage storage solutions, Husky, has a great line of items that I'll go over in this post. In fact, every workbench and cabinet in the main image above will be discussed here.

1. 6 Ft. Husky Workbench

Recently, I wrote a post just on this heavy-duty workbench. It's a great foundation for a place to work and store your items. Since it's made by Husky, this workbench easily integrates with the other Husky wall and cabinet storage systems. 

2. Husky 72" Tall Cabinet

For a big amount of storage amount of space that you'd prefer to lock up; this Husky 72" Storage Cabinet is your best bet. Whether it's pesticides, tennis rackets, or dog food stored in it, this cabinet will last for a long time due to its rugged construction. Coming in at a whopping 124 pounds, it's the cornerstone for a durable garage storage system. It's got other features normally not seen in cabinets of this size, like adjustable feet and the ability to move shelving and place.

Other than its strength, what I like the most about this is that like other larger Husky cabinets, it can only be opened via a key. Which guarantees little ones stay out of it, and the things you want are securely kept inside it.

3. Husky 28" Wall Cabinet

Think of this as the 'higher up' version of the previous cabinet mentioned. As the image shows above, it's excellent for storing just about anything that will fit into it. As long it's stored correctly, it can hold up to 50 lbs. of whatever you store in it. The indoor peg board panels means you can hang whatever tools and gloves so you can get easy access to it.

4. Husky 2 Door 28" Wide Base Cabinet

Although a smaller version than the 72" cabinet, this shorter version has a worktop that makes it perfect for even the smallest workshops and spaces. However, if you pair it with the longer workbench mentioned earlier, it can actually slide under it, allowing you even greater storage space!  Although it's small, it weighs over 57 pounds, so it's a very strong cabinet.

5. Husky 28" 4 Drawer Base Cabinet

This cabinet is essentially the same as the previously mentioned one, except the fact that it is has pull out drawers instead of an open cavity cabinet. Think of this as another puzzle piece that can fit under the larger 72" workbench or be it's stand alone. We have one of these in the Tool Rental Repair area at my store, and it's extremely durable and takes a beating from everyday usage. Another thing I like about all Husky garage cabinet/storage solutions is the fact that all have simple instructions on how to assemble them.

User submitted photo

While Husky makes a very quality storage solution, we do carry other versions at your local Home Depot and here online. A good example are the cabinets available by HDX. One example is shown below and linked here.

To get the best garage storage system for your needs, you'll need to do 2 things first. Measure the area of the storage/work area you need, and do an inventory of all the things you'd like to place in the storage cabinets and the wall. Once you've done this, then you can carefully plan and pick the right solution for your needs. For this and any other storage questions you have, please do not hesitate to ask us here.


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