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Trending in the Aisles: Kingsford Non-Stick Grilling Foil

The weather is finally getting nice, or as I like to call it...grilling season.

So until the leaves change this fall, it's time to fire up my charcoal grill in the backyard throughout the year.

Whether you have a propane or charcoal, always use the right accessories to get the best outdoor cooking for your buck.

One of the best tricks for great grilling is using the right materials. So next time you are firing up the grill, consider using grilling foil rather than the usual aluminum foil.

As much as I love a good steak or chicken directly on the grill, my squash and peppers need a bit more help so they don't fall through the grates and to lock in flavors....enter the grilling foil!

Available by the same brand that you trust for grilling, Kingsford, comes a great item that's a must have for any serious grilling enthusiast. 

Shown below and linked here, the non-stick grilling foil by Kingsford is tough to withstand any high heat.

Since it's non-stick, it makes cleaning up less of a chore.

It's also thicker and less prone to scorching than the cheaper/thinner aluminum foil counterparts.

While foil is thought of for locking in flavors and steaming those smaller vegetables, consider them for fish, seafood, and slow-cooked ribs as well!

Next time you are at your local Home Depot store, grab some grilling foil, and your grilling will be cleaner and a little tastier too!

A few times a year, we have the Thrill of the Grill event (shown below) at your local Home Depot for deals and special buys on grilling needs.

Luckily, you don't have to wait to buy your grilling foil though, pick it up whenever you need it! 

Remember to check out all of our grilling accessories here as well as in-store. Of course, for any further questions, just let us know here!


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