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Trending in the Aisles: Kitchen Cabinet Cleaners

Of all the surfaces in your home that get high usage, few can compare with your kitchen cabinets.

Be it wood, laminate, or Formica-based surfaces, your cabinets can sometimes take a beating from the daily grime. 

With a heavy used area requires a heavy duty cleaner to get your cabinets looking their best, and not just for spring cleaning.

At your local Home Depot, we carry products made just for cleaning your kitchen cabinets effectively and safely. 

I'll briefly go over a few items that can and will get your kitchen cabinets looking their best again.

Of course, before you use any cleaner, refer to the manufacturer of them for their own approved cleaning solutions. If you aren't sure who made them, test a small hidden area to ensure it will work well.

Thomasville 12 oz. Kitchen Cabinet Cream

From the same folks that make some of our custom kitchen cabinets, comes a product by them made just for them!

This cleaning cream works for not just finished wood cabinets, but painted ones as well.

It has no waxes or residues in it to leave smudges or stains, and leaves a nice spice scent to the surface it cleans. 

Since it is applied in cream form, it's easy to effectively clean stubborn areas areas with more of it if needed.

If you encounter a lot of dirt and food stains on your cabinets, this is one of the best items we sell to get rid of them safely.

Magic 17 oz. Cabinet and Wood Aerosol Cleaner

Magic 17 oz. Cabinet and Wood Aerosol Cleaner with Stay Clean Technology

For cutting time and grease on your kitchen cabinets, this spray form of cleaner is a great option.

Magic Cabinet and Wood Cleaner contains natural Brazilian Carnauba Wax which is traditionally used to care for high-end furniture. 

Often considered the “queen of waxes”, Brazilian Carnauba Wax helps restore your wood to its original beauty and gloss, while hiding scratches. Since it leaves behind a protective coating, it will make future cleanings even easier.

Rejuvenate Cabinet and Furniture Restorer and Protectant

The final cabinet cleaner product I want to mention is the one shown and linked above. 

What sets the item apart from the other items as well as most cleaning products we sell is the fact that this actually helps repair dull or slightly affected areas.

It also leaves a protective seal to help it from UV rays and everyday handling. It has a mitt included to make cleaning a much simpler task.

Another great product for cabinets as well as countertops and appliances is the use of high density cleaning pads. These have several names, but they make a great impact on quickly getting rid of grease and grime.

One version is by HDX, shown below and linked here.

Any cleaner you use will only be as effective as the cloths/towels you use to apply it.

Using a microfiber applicator or towel works great with these cleaners. Avoid cheap quality rags or towels, as they can leave lint and not effectively clean small detailed areas of the cabinet.

One pack we sell at your local Home Depot comes at a great price and is shown below and linked here

HDX Microfiber Towel Set (18-Pack)

Depending on what type of stains and cabinet surface can dictate what cleaner to use. 

While we do carry other multi-purpose cleaners and natural versions such as vinegar, these items above are rated for effectively getting even the most harsh stains off your cabinet.

For all other cleaning supplies and solutions, click here to view them.

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