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Linksys AC1200+ Smart Wi-Fi Router

A very surprising item most people don't realize The Home Depot sells at their local store is routers. And no, not the router for cutting edges of wood...but the kind for home networking.

As you may or may not know, a router is the 'middle man' that allows you and everyone in your home to stream videos, play video games, and do so on multiple devices. Think of it as a digital traffic cop.

Depending on bandwidth and other requirements, you'll need to choose the router that best suits your needs and budget. While we carry just a few routers at your local Home Depot, we sell much more online here. To view all of your choices, please click here.

The biggest setup factors you'll need to consider when installing a wireless router in your home are the following:

  1. For setting a final location for your router, position it where walls and ceilings between it and the devices its going to is kept at a minimum. For example, a poor choice of placing your router would be in a basement, and getting poor signal on the 2nd floor. 
  2. Place the devices that will receive signal as straight as possible through the wall or ceiling, so it can get directly in line with it.
  3. Try to avoid certain materials in the signals path that will disrupt its signal. Even metal doors to fish tanks can adversely affect it. Open areas like a great room or dining room near the router make for great paths for a better signal.
  4. Always keep your router at least 3 feet at minimum away from any device that emits an RF (radio frequency) to maximize the router's range.
  5. Keep any wireless items like cordless phones (particularly 2.4GHz types) to even ceiling fan remote controls need to be as far away as possible from your routers. The interference can be bad enough to where even signal can be dropped when using your device. Even when not in use, those wireless devices still put out an RF signal.A

While there are other factors as well depending on your router, pick a centralized, unobstructed area to give yourself the best signal for a wireless router.

Almost all routers provide ethernet jacks on the back, usually in RJ45 form.

And if you don't have any ethernet cable, we carry selections of varying lengths of Cat5e and some Cat6 cables. If  you are building a large network in your home or business, opt for using Plenum jacketed cable, as it resists heat from bundling and tight spaces much better than the standard Riser rated.

Lastly, also consider security features on your router with encryption and firewall features. This keeps your networking systems safe. 

Again, since everyone has different requirements. choose and plan the right router that works best for you. View system needs for whatever PC, gaming system, or any networking device you have to give yourself the best signal and service.

For all other computer networking devices and sundries we sell, please click here to view your options.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


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