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Trending in the Aisles: Patio Lighting

Spring is finally  turning warmer, and just about everyone everywhere is finally enjoying the great outdoors.

With that comes needing a little extra illumination on these now warm evenings. And even if you don't have patio furniture, you can still light up any area for social or family gatherings easily.

And if you wish, you can also make your lighting look great with stylish designs we sell online and at your local Home Depot store!

How so? With the use of outdoor decorative patio lighting.

Make sure you do proper planning first to ensure you are getting the right amount of illumination for your outdoor area. Even if it's just for a short time like an event, be sure to always install and power up your lighting safely.

In this post, I'll go over not just electrical based patio lighting, but also battery-operated styles as well. Look for these items this spring and summer at your local Home Depot.

In no particular order, the various types are as follows:

10-Light Outdoor Clear Hanging Garden String Light

This is one of the largest sizes (G50) of light bulbs we sell, and it is the largest we currently carry in a 10 string light set.

They, as well as a majority of patio lighting we sell, are incandescent-based. This gives a soft glow that isn't harsh when its your only light source.

Use string lights such as this in instances where you'd like some accent lighting, such as a gazebo or evening al fresco dining event.

Starting this year, some stores also carry replacement C-series (round and small style) patio replacement light bulbs. Always bring in an old light bulb to get the right replacement if your old incandescent bulb went out. 

Of course, if you use an integrated LED patio lighting, this won't be an issue. Which leads us to the next product....

60-Light LED String Light

null 60-Light Outdoor Warm White Decorative LED String Light

With an LED light source, you get smaller and more compact illumination. While most folks think of small lighting for just the holidays, they can be anytime you need accent lighting outdoors.

And since this uses so little energy, it's battery operated so you can place it where a power source isn't. This makes it great for illuminating plants and trees, as shown below.

It's internal timer allows for 6 hours on and 18 off to save battery life. This is a great product for those out of reach areas where you'd need illumination.

Clamp-on Umbrella LED Light

So if you do have a patio furniture set, this lighting solution is perfect to light up your table area under the umbrella. 

And just like the previous LED string light option, this is battery-operated as well. This means you can safely illuminate your patio set without worrying about tripping over any extension cords.

While it is LED as the light source, it will emit pleasing soft white, so nothing too bright white will be seen.

Outdoor LED Candles

null 4.5 in. x 9 in. Indoor/Outdoor Bisque Resin LED Timer Candle

As a final option for outside illumination, consider LED based battery operated candles.

They look just like the real thing, but without the mess of wax and the potential of them burning out.

Right now in spring and the summer months at your local store, you'll find these in various shapes and sizes alongside our patio furniture.

Don't forget to pick up accessories such as candle stands and lanterns to further give a polished look to the ambiance of your outdoor space.

These are also available in store, including the one shown below & linked here.

Please note that while these items are seasonally available at your local Home Depot, so check online or call your store before heading down to make sure they are in stock.

And lastly, there's always a great selection year round online here too!

Be sure to check out these products in-store when you need to light up a space with a touch of flair. 

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