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Trending in the Aisles: Philips Daylight/Soft White/Warm Glow SceneSwitch LED Light Bulb

I have seen a lot of light bulbs in my time working at The Home Depot, but even for me, this one has of the best features that I'd love to share here.

For years, customers have had to choose between more than one light bulb to achieve various color temperatures for their fixtures. 

While there's been great advancements in bulbs that can be controlled from your smart phone or device, these can be a bit pricey and for non tech savvy folks, it can seem complicated. 

Philips, who have been constant leaders in the industry for getting you the correct light, have a new light bulb sold at your local Home Depot store

Introducing the SceneSwitch 60 Watt Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb. This is the perfect light bulb to get you the right color you prefer most. And it's done without using your smart phone, bridge, hub, or an app. 

With just a flick of a switch, you can choose between 3 color choices of your liking. 

The diagram/image below goes into more details, but one thing you should know about this will get the right color of light all from your light switch.

Even though this bulb is not dimmable, the 2200K 80 lumens warm glow gives the appearance of a cozy relaxing light like it is on a low dimmer setting. 

Or flip the switch to go for a higher 5000K daylight color for doing tasks like reading or working at your computer when the light is on. It also has the same 800 lumens in the soft white color too, giving you the same equivalent lighting as a 60 watt incandescent bulb.

Since its LED, you can expect to get big energy savings over the life span of the light bulb since it only uses 3 watts of power.

Consider using this amazing light bulb for yourself or someone you know that needs more than one option for their lighting without using a smartphone or app to control their lighting.

For more questions regarding this product or anything else regarding lighting, please contact us here.


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Posted 2016-11-26T21:58:27+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL