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Trending in the Aisles: Phone Charging Stations

One of the pitfalls of having so many smart phones, devices, and tablets is having to charge them and in an organized fashion.

Whether you are a family on the go or are tech savvy and would like to get a better & more streamlined solution for your charging your smart phone devices, consider the following products.

These products are found at your local Home Depot store as well as other single chargers compatible with your smart device.

Vision Elite 4-Port USB Visual Charge Charging Station, Silver/Black

This charger is the one shown above at the top of this post and is linked in the previous sentence.

It has 4 ports, each one showing you the amount of charge is needed until the green light comes on. Since it has 2 2.1 amp ports and 2 1 amp ports, you can charge both tablets and cell phones at the same time!

One feature I like is the fact is that it comes with 400 joules of surge protection, something that a lot of chargers don't have. The USB cords are provided when you purchase your smart device, and aren't including in this station.

Charge Tower Prime 4-Port USB Charger and 2-Power Outlets, Black

null Charge Tower Prime 4-Port USB Charger and 2-Power Outlets, Black

Consider this as a tower style version of the station above. Same specifications save for this has an additional grounded outlet. You can charge up to 4 devices at the same time, so it's sleek size makes a great option for when you are on the go.

Charge Tower Pro 6-Port USB Charger, White

null Charge Tower Pro 6-Port USB Charger, White

Of all in store chargers we sell, this one shown and linked above has the most ports you can charge your devices at one time.

Again, the surge protection is the same as the previous two. But since it has 2 extra ports, this makes it perfect for families or at the office. 

If you like to see other media charging solutions we carry, please click here to view them.

And if you have any further questions regarding these products or your smart device in general, please feel free to ask us here!


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