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Trending in the Aisles: Play Structures and Swing Sets

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There was a lot of activity in the aisles of the Home Depot this past weekend; but there was even more activity and foot traffic on the outside of the building in the outdoor garden department.


Customers were in the store to purchase plants and flowers, bushes, and newly arriving trees, roses, and fertilizers.


Lots of shoppers were searching for sheds. After this winters snow storms customers are searching for more storage space for all their outdoor living stuff; covered secure places to put away: toys, patio furniture, grills and their new snow blowers.


 The past winter has raised the bar on winter preparedness. You can never have too many shovels, too much ice melt, and if you didn’t own a snow blower you certainly wished you did, and want to buy one as soon as they are available this fall…so why not get a shed now! Be ready to store that new snow blower!


Another spot that showed a great deal of activity and interest was the section of the lot where the swing sets and play structures are displayed.


I think that a lot of families are going to cherish and enjoy, every moment of outdoor time this season and bring a fantastic play structure right into their own backyard. Having a swing set right outside your doors creates a haven for safe, secure play, a sanctuary for fun, and a place where imaginations can run wild!


I had the pleasure of helping a wonderful family purchase a play structure called the Explorer, by Sheds U.S.A. The solid wooden set has swings, a rock climbing wall, a slide, and place to climb up into, and escape, into a world of fantasy and imagination. The family opted for a few great add ons : a telescope, a steering wheel, a baby swing ( for the newest grandchild) and a glider!


The beautiful, beaming grandmother was purchasing the swing set for her granddaughter’s birthday, the little girl was so excited, the whole family was excited and so was I! This was the happiest purchase that I had ever been involved with!



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Depending on which region of the country you are in; the Home Depot offers delivery and installation of swing sets and play structures, as part of the purchase price.


Stop by your local Home Depot check out the quality construction and attention to detail on all the play structures and swing sets that we offer.



Create a safe secure world for your children to grow up in; a beautiful playscape where the fun is limitless, imaginations are developed, and childhood memories are made….. And the memories will last a lifetime!     Maureen

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