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Trending in the Aisles: RedGard Uncoupling Mat Membrane for Tile and Stone

No tile floor is going to be as strong as what's underneath it. 

And just like with any home improvement project, having a good foundation is key to making sure the project goes smoothly now and for as long as you'll be there.

In the case of installing ceramic/porcelain/natural stone tiles on a subfloor, this definitely holds true.

Whether you have a concrete slab or plywood subfloor, making sure that foundation is level and sound before laying down your tiles is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of the entire process.

In lots of cases, a form of tile underlayment is vital for making sure the final layer of tile and grout doesn't crack and get damaged throughout its lifespan.

After repairing any uneven areas and making sure the subfloor is clean, you can opt for the particular underlayment I'll go over in this post.

It's technical name is a uncoupling mat membrane, but it's easier to use than gypsum and cement-based stiffer backerboards. This product simply rolls out and is attached to the subfloor via thin-set mortar.

Introducing the RedGard Mat by the same folks who make our grout and tile adhesives and mortars, Custom Building Products. 

If installed correctly, it does 3 important things that is required for most tile installations. 

  1.  It waterproofs
  2.  It prevents cracks in tile/grout due to shifting of the subfloor
  3.  Provides a vapor barrier between the subfloor and tiles above

Using a product like this is very important to use where wet floors occur regularly, like in a bathroom or kitchen. It's also perfect to go onto existing wood subfloors so as to prevent rotting and damage from water above.

A better explanation of how it functions is shown in the illustrations below.

RedGard 54 sq. ft. 39.4 in. x 16.5 ft. Uncoupling Mat Membrane for Tile and Stone

Use the proper mortar as well as RedGard seam tape (shown below and linked here) to ensure the entire surface is entirely waterproof and ready for tiles to be placed over it.

Use RedGard uncoupling membrane in situations like older houses or room where high activity and water will occur from foot traffic. Or just use it when you want to guarantee yourself a solid foundation for your tiling projects.

In either case, it eliminates the need for tile backerboard. It's a lighter and easier to install alternative, using no fasteners.

For further technical information on this amazing product for your floors, click here as well as here for 2 documents pertaining to it.

Let us know if you have any further questions regarding your new flooring projects.


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