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Trending in the Aisles: The Easiest Tile Backsplash Ever

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When most DIY'ers are looking to update their kitchen backsplashes, they generally think of putting tile there. Some may find the steps to install tile a bit daunting, the mortar, the grout, the mess...

We at The Home Depot have made giving a fresh look to your kitchen easy. With Smart Tiles, you'll get the look of mosaic tiles but at a fraction of the work and cost. 


Smart Tiles are actually thin layers of plastic with a peel and stick backing. As long as the existing wall they will go on is clean, Smart Tiles, a straight line/chalk line, and a good knife are really all you need to install them! Best of all, the coating called Gel-O™ gives a tough, non-yellowing finish that will withstand the test of time.

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For specific installation, click here to read more information. 


Considering that Smart Tiles already have existing grout lines, this saves time and money, which makes it a great, effective, and easy way to place tiles on the wall. Given the makeup of the tiles, remember that these tiles do have limitations.


For example, Smart Tiles cannot be installed in a shower surround or for countertops. As long as they are installed no closer than 15" from a heat source (stove or oven), then Smart Tiles can be installed near them.


For any additional questions on this great product, please let us know here.





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