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Trending in the Aisles: Walkie-Talkies

Even with all the advancements in portable phone technology the past decade, sometimes the simplest things are still the best option.

This held true last weekend when I was on a kayaking trip with a good friend. 

While we didn't split up during the excursion, she brought walkie-talkies, which are perfect for situations like this where your own phone most likely won't be in service and you need to keep in contact with one another in case of an emergency.

Also, having a walkie-talkie (aka 2-way radio) for outdoor leisure activities or on a construction site means you can keep in touch and know where someone is without using your own phone and service can be spotty at best. 

And the walkie-talkies we sell hold up better than even some phones, which means you can save a cracked screen or worse....

This makes it a great choice for children or families to keep in touch with each other, be it in the woods or in the grocery store.

In fact, this first type of wireless device was invented in WW2 for battlefront communications. The same company that invented it, Motorola, still makes them today and are available to buy at your local Home Depot store...albeit much lighter than back then!

Your local Home Depot store will carry one or more versions. While they vary in functions, the biggest factor in why we carry more than one is the distance in miles you can talk in them.

Below I'll go over 3 types that are available at most Home Depot stores.

Talkabout  16 Mile 2-Way Radio

Even though this is our simplest walkie-talkie we sell, it still has a number of features.

Just like every other push-to-talk (PTT) device, this has multiple channels and a one call tone.

But, it also has a keypad lock, which makes it great for storing it in a backpack or in the little ones hands and you don't want to waste the batteries.

Motorola 20 Mile Range 2-Way Radio

Motorola 20 Mile Range 2-Way Radio

This is a more rugged version of the previous walkie-talkie. It's big buttons are perfect while wearing gloves; which makes it ideal for construction site or cold weather usage.

As the image shows above, it does come with a wall charger for even greater flexibility for powering them.

Motorola 35 Mile Range 2-Way Radio

Motorola 35-Mile Range 2-Way Radio

The best walkie-talkie we currently sell in-store. If you are on the lake or ocean with a lot with friends & family, this is a must have communications device.

Unlike the other versions we carry, this version has some unique features not found on others we sell.

Just among a few are:

  • Built in flashlight for dark skies or night adventures
  • iVOX compatible for hands-free communication
  • Vibrating alert so not to scare the wildlife when hunting or you just want quiet time
  • Has weather channels so you can stay in the know and stay safe with up-to-the-minute weather updates, from NOAA!

This version also can also have extended service provided you have access to a repeater and/or a GMRS license. This is important when you and your party are very far apart and have a lot of rugged terrain between you and them.

Of course with any two way communication device, lots of variables are involved to get the best sound from them. 

Always know how much usage you and/or your family & friends need before purchasing one. And make sure to test the batteries and channels before heading out to an adventure to ensure they are working properly.

The Home Depot also carries numerous other versions of walkie-talkies here online. To view them, please click here for more information.


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