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Trouble putting nails into drywall--something behind

Hi everyone,

I've been having trouble driving nails into my drywall in my home. At multiple locations, both behind the walls and ceilings, I am hitting something hard right behind the drywall. It must be metal because the nails are bouncing right off. I know it's not a stud because I checked with a studfinder, and also the nails would still go in. 

I have no idea what kind of metal objects could be behind my drywall in so many locations, and also no idea how to find them, given that the studfinder is negative. I have not had this issue in any previous place I have lived in.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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Posted 2018-09-09T00:20:08+0000  by goldbren goldbren
Sometimes nail plate are used to protect wiring and pipes that run through a stud.

You should find them location where pipes or wires would be running.  For example, at a consistent height off the floor to protect wires running from receptacle to receptacle.  They are typically 3"-6" long. 

If you're trying to repair loose drywall or fix nail pops, your best bet is to use screws.  Most of us don't have the skill necessary to drive a nail correctly and screws hold better. For both nails and screws the goal is to "dimple" the surface, which means that the nail or screw is drive so that it's below the surface of the drywall without going through the paper.  In the case of a nail pop, you'll want to drive screws above and below the popped nail/screw, maybe 1" away.  Remove the popped nail or screw, and just spackle over all three holes.

Posted 2018-09-10T08:14:25+0000  by Adam444
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