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Trowel size?

I am planning on tiling my backsplash, and I'm using primarily 3x6 tile, which would require a 1/4" square notch trowel.  However, above the stove, we are planning on doing an insert of 1x1 mosaic tile, which would typically require a 1/4" v-notch trowel.  Should I use two different trowels, or will I be ok with just one or the other?

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Posted 2013-06-19T00:36:04+0000  by brent27603 brent27603

Hi Brent27603, I’m Ken with Home Depot, welcome to the community. Since you’re using relativity small tile, you can use the ¼ inch V notch trowel for both sizes of tile.


If you’re using larger tile like 12 X 12, then I would tell you to use a larger square notch trowel.


Just remember if you get too much thin set that oozes up from the tile, clean this out so you have the right depth for the grout.


It would really be great if you would please post some pictures of your finished project to share with others.

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Posted 2013-06-20T19:46:00+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

Thank you.  So, I bought the v-notch trowel along with the mastic, grout, and everything else I think I need from my local Home Depot.  Now, I'm trying to lay out the tile, but I discovered that the 4-inch granite backsplash, while even, is not level.  I first used the level app on my iPhone, which said it was 0.5° off.  I double-checked with the level I had just purchased, and the bubble was not quite center.    I measured it at various points, and all indicate the same degree off, so the granite is straight, but just sloped.  It doesn't seem like that much, but if you were to draw a level line, over the course of the entire counter length, it'd be ~1" off.  So, do I go with true level, which would leave a huge gap at the bottom, or do I go with the slope of the backsplash?  If the former, what do I do with the gap, and how do I maintain the correct spacing underneath as it will not be consistent?.  (I was already planning on doing a 1/8" space underneath, as I've been told one does not want to put the tile directly against the granite)  I am getting a laser level to confirm the amount it would be off.  

Posted 2013-07-09T01:49:52+0000  by brent27603

Hi brent27603,


Not to worry, any wall or surface that is less than 0.5 degree off level is perfect in any contractors mind.


As a matter of fact I wish all of my walls in my house were that good!


You can use the thin set to make up any difference in out of level by increasing or decreasing it's thickness.


In construction nothing is perfect and you are as close to perfect as you will ever get.



Posted 2013-07-11T17:16:41+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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