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Trying to rent a peat moss roller on Long Island from HD?

 Trying to rent a peat moss roller on Long Island from Home Depot -- and only 2 stores rent this -- and both are "out for rental". Since Home Depot doesn't offer this in the 5 or so stores that are close to me -- any chance of stocking in these close stores? Any suggestions for where else I can rent this? I have a small lawn and only need to have it for 1/2 day. Thank you!
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Posted 2018-09-24T03:27:01+0000  by HuntingtonLongIslander HuntingtonLongIslander


Greetings HuntingtonLongIslander,

I am sorry that you are frustrated waiting for the Peat Moss roller from your Home Depot. I have to say that I had never even heard of a peat moss spreader before your question, so thank you for that!

I have always spread peat moss by hand using a long handled garden spade. The process I used was to fill, mound up, the shovel and then using a side-to-side sweeping, fanning motion low to the ground the peat moss was dispersed through the air and filter down to the soil level.

The process was a bit time consuming but not too bad and I had a large yard! Would you consider using this, hand, application process it may not be a precise, but not far off. You can always go back and shake a bit more peat moss if you see a bald spot….just make sure you do your application on a still day, no wind!

I am sorry about the rental delay and the limit of peat moss spreader we have on hand to rent, we have no control on that, have you spoken to a store assistant manager about your needs? Ask the assistant manager to co-ordinate or call when a spreader is returned, and you can pick it right up.

Maybe this hand application can get your peat moss down and you can get growing again.


Check out this youtube alternative to using a spreader.

Best of luck,



Posted 2018-09-25T13:20:08+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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