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Trying to replace bathroom faucet

I am replacing the faucet in the bathroom. Turned off the water to the faucet, and the water still runs out of the cold side.

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Posted 2011-10-17T03:09:01+0000  by MasterSuiteDave MasterSuiteDave

Sounds like you have a bad valve.  You will have to turn the water off further down the line on the cold side and replace the valve under the sink.

Posted 2011-10-17T13:32:11+0000  by bgagne31

Hi MasterSuiteDave, this is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man.


It sounds like the cold water shutoff is defective. Often times the shutoffs accumulate mineral deposits and will not close completely when you shut them off, allowing water to still flow.


Shut off the main water supply valve for your house.  Depending upon where you live in the country, this may be in your basement or outside your home where the water supply enters your house. Or if you do not have a main shut off, turn off the water at your water meter.


Now you will be able to remove the faucet and install the new one. 


At the same time it’s a good idea to replace the water supply lines for the faucet and the hot and cold shut off valves under the sink.  


Shut offs come in several styles and sizes. Take one of the originals to your local Home Depot and the plumbing associates will assist you in selecting the proper size shut offs for your home.


If your new faucet did not come with new water supply lines, the plumbing associates can assist you in choosing new supply lines as well.


I hope this helps solve your problem.



Posted 2011-10-17T23:36:35+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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