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Hello I am new here.

I need some advice. I have a standard bathtub and shower. Three faucets. Hot, Cold and one to divert the water from coming out of the tub spout to the shower head. I have no leaks if all the faucets are turned off, however when I turn the shower faucet to divert the water half the water remains coming out of the spout and the rest comes out of the showerhead. It is a significant amount of water. How do I fix this can anyone help.


Thanks Kathi.


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Posted 2012-12-31T20:18:58+0000  by Kathi.ax608 Kathi.ax608

Hello Kathi!


Welcome to The Community!


Showers with diverters are relatively simple to repair ... you will need a new diverter stem and the plumbing sockets designed to reach down into the housing and remove the stem.


Each manufacturer has proprietary diverter stems ... unique to their products:


Pfister diverter stem.jpg  Delta diverter stem.jpg  Sterling diverter stem.jpg 

             Price Pfister                              Delta                                  Sterling


And each requires a particular socket or wrench to remove and replace the stem.


Here are the required steps:

1) Identify your brand ... look on the faucet faceplate;

2) Locate and turn off the main water supply (at the street for the whole house or inside the home near the main);

3) Carefully remove the plastic screw cover and then remove the handle screw and handle to expose the diverter valve;

4) Brass valves commonly require shower valve sockets which reach down into the housing to unscrew the valve;

5) Plastic or ceramic valves commonly have a retaining ring ... remove with a wrench and wiggle the valve to remove;

6) Leave the water off and take the valve to your Plumbing Associate for help locating the repair diverter;

7) If a brass diverter, use two or three wraps of Teflon tape on the threads and reinstall the new diverter;

8) If a plastic diverter, lubricate the rubber O-rings to help them slide into the housing and reinstall the new diverter;

9) Turn the water main on, inspect for leaks; and

10) Bleed air out of your water lines by flushing toilets and briefly opening valves throughout your home.

BrassCraft Shower Valve Socket Set.jpg BrassCraft Shower Valve Socket Set

NOTE: Water does more damage to a home than almost any other item! So, be cautious to ensure your water supply remains off until the repair is complete.


DIFFICULTY: On a one to ten scale, where ten is most difficult, I would rate this repair a six ...  a detailed step-by-step process which is simply reversed to reinstall. Be certain your family can give up clothes washing, showers or baths, cooking, and other activities that require water for about two-hours while you replace the diverter.


FINALLY: I am not a fan of unnecessary repairs, and it seems that your hot and cold valves are operating well. However, should you need to replace other valves, consider including that repair while you have the water off.

Posted 2013-01-02T17:51:51+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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