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Tub Surround Problem

Hello, I am looking at renovating a bathroom by using a standard 5 piece tub surround kit and installing it around the existing tub.  I see that the standard dimension for tub surround lengths is 60", but my tub length is 63 1/2".  Any way to get the extra length out of a standard tub surround?  Looking for any suggestions easier than full replacement.  Thanks!

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Posted 2011-01-31T20:03:52+0000  by mdlask mdlask

Greetings and welcome to our community,


My name is Tom, and I have overseen the renovation of thousands of hotel rooms and apartments that involved removal and replacement of the bathrooms. In almost every major renovation I specified the use of cultured marble or granite tub surrounds.


The kits I used were typically comprised of 5 pieces, 2 - 30" end panels. 2 - 28" wall panels, and a 10" seam panel. These sizes allowed for the corners to be "scribed" (cut to fit out of square walls exactly) and the seam panel would cover the two 28" pieces on the back wall. A surface mount soap dish would be mounted on the centered 10" seam panel. You will see this configuration in many fine hotels nationwide including Holiday Inn, Best Western, Hilton, and Hilton Garden Inns.


There are also 2 piece surrounds available, these feature 2 wall panels and a smaller trim strip. I prefer the wider one, but a link to a 4 panel system follows;


If there is a company that manufactures cultured marble near you, they would be a candidate for a supplier of the product described. I hope this helps you for your unique situation.

Posted 2011-02-01T13:23:33+0000  by HD116
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