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Tub surface in need of repairing

How do I repair peeled up enamel in the tub?

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Posted 2011-06-13T01:42:35+0000  by FixitMom FixitMom


Hi fixitmom -welcome to the community.


There are a lot of choices for dealing with a faulty bathtub surface that is cracking or peeling:


  • Re-facing:   A custom fit acrylic liner that installs right over the existing tub - made from long lasting materials that won’t chip, crack, or fade.
  • Re-surfacing:  A process done by a technician - where a porcelain type coating is sprayed over the surface of the existing tub.
  • DIY Refinishing Kits:  The kits contain everything you need to prepare the surface and apply the final coat - a durable high-gloss epoxy spray on finish.


9e447a5d-028c-4225-9b1d-cc8b80ebeb75_300.jpg d33df76a-fcbc-4983-ab82-4303495acf17_300.jpg


One more thing…If you planning on DIYing this project, then you will need to clean the surface of the tub and remove any residue before proceeding.


Posted 2011-06-13T13:00:32+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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